Some days just suck, and today was one of them. I have no work to do and have to fake it when boss man is hovering over my shoulder. Thankfully he wasn’t around most the day and I took a late lunch to help make the day go by faster. I can’t wait to go part time next week, maybe he’ll realize how much I’m needed? Doubt it. He’ll just be excited to not have to pay me full time wages…. Anyway, Im so happy to be off work finally!

In other news I was very excited to launch my 101 blog on Monday. I’m also happy I’ve inspired someone else to start a list.

Runs off to cross off that goal.

Okay I’m back, miss me? Two down ninety-nine to go. Whew.

Did I mention how effing twitterpated I am to start school next week?! Well I am.

More later….


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