Oh hello 17.5 year olds…

I finally figured out how to look up what books are needed for my classes mearly 5 days prior to the start of the quarter (go me!). This was the point where I realized I hadn’t received my financial aid yet and already have hold tuition forms filled out for tuition and fees…. but those book, those damn books. Guess how much 6 (*new) books are? Just guess…. and remember we are at the 5 day mark before the quarter starts…. $275.00. That’s right folks I’ve got to come up with $275 and I’ve got to come up with it quick.

Thank all that’s good in the world (and my handsome bf) for helping me get them purchased. So I took my happy little ass down there on my lunch and waded through the sea of 17.5 year old’s with their parents walking around campus and getting all there school supplies. Now I’m just waiting on that handy dandy financial aid that should show up in the next 4 weeks, hopefully.

I feel like such a nerd putting on my new yellow back pack full of paper, pens and books. But at the same time I’m so excited… like giddy excited. I c a n n o t wait to start next week! So many new exciting thing to learn. Yeah okay I guess I am a nerd. Heh.

Guess what, today is the last day of my last week of full time work. I am a full time student starting Monday! Eeeeeek!


*Of course there isn’t any used book left, I waited to the last minute asssssssssuming my computer classes wouldn’t need books, right? Wrong. Anyway.


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