I cannot spell definitely to save my life. Yes I realize I just did… because I’d it. What’s your word?

I also realized after receiving a silly email about office kitchen stickies that I’m definitely not the only one who has OCD to this:

Stuck on an office microwave

Stuck on an office microwave

I’m definitely not excited I used 3/4 tank of gas in three days. I had to drive about 30 miles out of my way, everyday, for three days straight. My truck drew a lot of miles this past weekend on them roads.

I’m also definitely not excited that my little boy left for his Daddy’s today for 3 months. 😦 This is getting harder and harder I mean he’s a little person now, a little man. We have conversations about lot’s of things.  He’s like my little Magic 8 Ball, whenever I need a decision made I’ll ask him this or this? I always go with his answer, always. Little things like should we go to Safeway or Fred Meyer first? Should we go home or get some gas? You know the real important decisions. 😉

I’m definitely going to miss him.


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