That guy…

Do you have a TMI Fed Ex guy? Ya know, the one who comes in and you’re afraid to ask how they are because they’re going to reel you into a conversation that you didn’t want to be apart of… (oh haaai run on sentence!) well I have that guy. I now know he used to be an EMT and his boss made him touch a dead guy. Or that he wants to be a teacher but doesn’t have enough schooling/experience. I also know that he was recently turned down for a teaching job due to lack of experience. How about the time directly after asking the polite how-are-you question his response was “not great, I drank an entire bottle of Jager last night”. Awesome thanks for the info…

Wait, let’s not forget about the I’m-too-sexy-for-my-shirt UPS guy. He walks in here like he is gods gift to women and any woman in his presence should fall at his feet with admiration and lust. Yep, I have him too. Lucky me.

Who’s your “that guy”?


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