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November 9, 2009

I love art in every shape or form. The creativity that goes into art is amazing and I can’t describe how influential it is for me. I love physical artwork such as paintings, drawings, sculptures, and of course media art like graphics, movies and cartoons.

musicI love the art that you can feel like the written word and all genres of music. I can honestly say that there isn’t one type of music that I don’t find interesting and mostly enjoyable. I can’t say I love every genre, but I can say I respect the music. I respect the time and emotions that go into writing a song or picking up a guitar and making music from it. Amazing. Some songs are so emotional that they make the hair on my arm stand up and I’m absolutely emersed in it. In the lyrics, in the melody, in the chorus. One song that comes to mind is Christina Aguileras “Beautiful”, I can’t tell you how much I love that song. If you’ve never heard it go now, run fast over to iTunes and check it out. Simply brilliant.

Speaking of guitars, I used to play an instrument, an Alto Saxophone in fact. I played it all through middle school and a bit of the drums after getting bored. By high school I had figured out what all the popular kids were doing and it wasn’t band. I followed the crowd and put down the Saxophone and have always regretted it. I wish I would’ve kept with it or least kept the Saxophone and continued learning. Shame on me.


I actually grew this and photographed it.

Photography is another art form that absolutely blows my mind. Within the past couple of years I’ve become more and more addicted fond of  photography and the amazing things 1 click from a camera can capture. I love catching those moments that no one meant you to see or that smirk that you made for just a second. Taking pictures of objects is my passion though, nature inspires me. I find myself gazing at the clouds a lot and wish that I could capture their texture in a photo. I know it’s possible I just don’t have the right equipment yet. I’m taking a course (hopefully) Winter quarter and can’t wait to learn more. I’d love to eventually do some freelance work as a photographer, even something simple like a wedding/engagement photographer.

Here’s a few pictures I’ve taken in the past several months.


Just a glimpse of blue sky

Here’s a shot I took with my iPhone. I wish you could see the brilliance in the purples and the bright blue peaking though in the distance, it was gorgeous.


Brilliant colors at sunset

As I was pulling out my driveway I stopped at the light and couldn’t help but be amazed by this sunset. I grabbed my trusty iPhone and grabbed a shot. The pinks and contrast blues were breath-taking.


The calm after the storm

This was taken directly after a crazy storm. I was so astonished to find this crisp blue sky starting back at me I had to take a picture, yes with my iPhone again… I really need to start carrying my camera with me.


This is the day I bought it

More recently I have been into gardening and all things green. It occurred to me this is an art form too especially landscaping and The Art of the Bonsai. I’m currently growing four Bonsai plants. Little did I know it would take years before I could begin the intricate trimming of the Bonsai. Oh well, I think it’s better this way so when the time comes I will be much more invested in the project. I also have several plants on my desk at work including a Bamboo, a Money Tree, and a planter with several types of flowers in it (a gift from a customer). My desk is so much more cheerful and inviting with the plants on it. Now I need more in my house.

Cooking, what about cooking and baking, is that an art form? I think so. I think it’s ridiculous(ly cool) what people can come up with and how good it tastes when you grab a fork and shovel put it into your mouth. From combining just the right ingredients to the final presentation, it’s all art.

Here’s a delicious Cinnamon Raisen Bread I made yesterday.


I wish you could smell this

What’s your favorite art form?

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