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My son takes over the bed. No really, he does.
January 21, 2010

He is 4, he is barely past my hip tall and he takes over my California Queen. No seriously. I have to pick his nearly 40 lb butt at 3 o’clock in the morning and shove him over to the other side of the bed. What is it with these kids and using their tiny little bodies to take over my beauty rest space?!

For example:

I have all of 24 inches over there to lay down.

I have all of 24 inches on the left there to lay down.

You didn’t believe me did you? You thought, not possible. Oh it is. And now I have photographic proof! Ha!

I’d also like to point out although I do have about 24 inches to lay down with, if I make the slightest movement I ram my head into the corner of my side table. Ask me how I know that? Go ahead, ask me. Annnnnd let us not forget that tiny little foot on the other side of my pillow. If it’s not a head knock from the side table, it’s that tiny little foot. Awesome.

With that, I bid you goodnight.


If I had all the money in the world
January 20, 2010

If I ruled the world.

… to give to my family.

I would buy my son a house for us to share with that “liiiiittle tiny” dog he wants. I would make sure the house included his own room, playroom, bunk beds, and of course a yard to play in.

I would buy my mom out of debt.

I would buy my dad all the land he wants in Alaska and enough supplies to build his very own log cabin. I would also buy him that Harley he’s dreamed of his whole life.

I would pay off my brothers mortgage.

I would pay the Army enough money to get my sister Lacie and her husband Bene (and Baby Riley) stationed here in Washington.

I would buy my grandma another “once in a lifetime” trip. Maybe back to Africa, or where ever else she wants to visit.

I would buy my grandpa a lifetime membership to his golf course and a chance to pick up whichever new clubs he thinks he needs right now. My Grandma knows what that means. 😉

I would buy my other grandparents whatever they wanted, to make them move back to Washington.

And if there was a way, for my Aunt Joey (and all of us who miss her), I would bargain with God and get my Grandma Ginny back.

What you buy for your family members?

What you buy for your friends?

What would you buy for yourself?

Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.
January 17, 2010

Carpe diem

There are three kinds of people in life:

→ One. The people that make things happen.

→ Two. The people that watch things happen.

→ Three. The people that think WTF happened?!

I’d like to say that I’m number one (in more ways than one… pun intended), but I really can’t say for certain where I fit in the majority. I am a get-what-I-want-type-of-gal, and if I can’t have it now you can bet your ass I’ll find a way to get it… eventually. I’m also a person that sits back and watches, waking up the next morning kicking myself for not taking that chance. Finally, I must admit there have been times in my not-so-distant-past where I find myself thinking, or even saying out loud, WTF just happened?!

I think the majority of people reading this can place yourself in all of the categories listed above… at least at one point in your life.

But that’s not the question I want to ask you, the question you should ask yourself is:

What kind are you today?

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