Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.

Carpe diem

There are three kinds of people in life:

→ One. The people that make things happen.

→ Two. The people that watch things happen.

→ Three. The people that think WTF happened?!

I’d like to say that I’m number one (in more ways than one… pun intended), but I really can’t say for certain where I fit in the majority. I am a get-what-I-want-type-of-gal, and if I can’t have it now you can bet your ass I’ll find a way to get it… eventually. I’m also a person that sits back and watches, waking up the next morning kicking myself for not taking that chance. Finally, I must admit there have been times in my not-so-distant-past where I find myself thinking, or even saying out loud, WTF just happened?!

I think the majority of people reading this can place yourself in all of the categories listed above… at least at one point in your life.

But that’s not the question I want to ask you, the question you should ask yourself is:

What kind are you today?


One Response

  1. I am definitely #1.

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