My son takes over the bed. No really, he does.

He is 4, he is barely past my hip tall and he takes over my California Queen. No seriously. I have to pick his nearly 40 lb butt at 3 o’clock in the morning and shove him over to the other side of the bed. What is it with these kids and using their tiny little bodies to take over my beauty rest space?!

For example:

I have all of 24 inches over there to lay down.

I have all of 24 inches on the left there to lay down.

You didn’t believe me did you? You thought, not possible. Oh it is. And now I have photographic proof! Ha!

I’d also like to point out although I do have about 24 inches to lay down with, if I make the slightest movement I ram my head into the corner of my side table. Ask me how I know that? Go ahead, ask me. Annnnnd let us not forget that tiny little foot on the other side of my pillow. If it’s not a head knock from the side table, it’s that tiny little foot. Awesome.

With that, I bid you goodnight.


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