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Juice cubes
February 24, 2010

My Little Man doesn’t get full juice or full chocolate milk, I’ve always halved it so he doesn’t get all that sugar. All his food was steamed, mashed, chopped and 100% mama made for the first 14 month on his life so he doesn’t have a taste for all that juiced up, preservative soaked, processed stuff anyway. Will he eat an entire Snickers bar if I hand it to him? Sure, he’ll try but he would only get a couple bites in before the amount of sweet is enough.

Bad idea = BK for dinner. Good idea = Taking the HI-C you just ordered and putting the contents into an ice cube tray to enjoy one cube at a time in a glass of filtered water. Save calories for me, save sugar content for him, plus we both get more of that healthy H2O that we all need more of.

I couldn’t decided where to put this, savings money on juice at dezdeals, a cool in the kitchen idea for howdoibowlwater? or here where it was about saving my kid from child hood obesity and healthy living choices. The kid won.

Do you have any awesome ideas you’ve came up with lately?


Whitmans Sampler BOGO free = bad buying decision
February 12, 2010

I tore into that free box of chocolates before I even let a voice of reason pass through my head. I had the Caramel first, then the Cherry Cordial, then the Molasses Chew before I even knew what happened! As I drove back to school I went back and forth through the Chocolate Covered Peanuts and Chocolate Covered Almonds noting how much more I liked the Almonds because they’re crunchier. Then it hit me. The omg-I-just-chewed-down-5-pieces-of-chocolate-in-15-seconds and my. stomach. was. pissed! Still is, in fact. Bleh.

I ate them in this order in all of 15 seconds...

What was your last binge on?

What’s your favorite candy?

Tell me I’m not the only that’s done this…?

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