About Me

Me and Little Man.

Seattle-ite, Washingtonian, Pacific North Westerner, whatever you want to call me. First things first, gray is not my favorite color and in fact gray days make me depressed, sad and blue. You may wonder why I call this my home and I’ll tell you why. It’s the colors, it’s the air, it’s the days when the sun shows his bright face, the clouds part and the mountains make their appearance. Beautiful shades of green everywhere you look. Simply gorgeous.

Fun facts: Sarcasm is only one of the services I offer… kidding. I have a dry sense of humor and really like to smile. I have an amateur love for knives and guns. I eat with chopsticks any chance I get. I love to dance (I need to add it back into my life). I like my toast crispy, and I can remember almost any commercial there is, but not much else… ask anyone. I really like Clown Fish and Venus Fly Traps. I tend to over explain things and I’m convinced for whatever reason that when I die it will be in a car accident.

I have a wide range of patience in any given situation (all or nothing really). I love photo recipes. I have OCD with the time left on a microwave… CLEAR IT ok?! I’ll try anything once, life is too short not to take chances when the opportunity presents itself. I’m a no nonsense kind of gal, cut and dry, straight to the point, black or white with no in between.

I’m made up of a million imperfections that fit me perfectly.


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