If I had all the money in the world
January 20, 2010

If I ruled the world.

… to give to my family.

I would buy my son a house for us to share with that “liiiiittle tiny” dog he wants. I would make sure the house included his own room, playroom, bunk beds, and of course a yard to play in.

I would buy my mom out of debt.

I would buy my dad all the land he wants in Alaska and enough supplies to build his very own log cabin. I would also buy him that Harley he’s dreamed of his whole life.

I would pay off my brothers mortgage.

I would pay the Army enough money to get my sister Lacie and her husband Bene (and Baby Riley) stationed here in Washington.

I would buy my grandma another “once in a lifetime” trip. Maybe back to Africa, or where ever else she wants to visit.

I would buy my grandpa a lifetime membership to his golf course and a chance to pick up whichever new clubs he thinks he needs right now. My Grandma knows what that means. 😉

I would buy my other grandparents whatever they wanted, to make them move back to Washington.

And if there was a way, for my Aunt Joey (and all of us who miss her), I would bargain with God and get my Grandma Ginny back.

What you buy for your family members?

What you buy for your friends?

What would you buy for yourself?

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